Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631


i5-4300U, 256GB SSD. 8GB RAM. Backlit, Win 10

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The Microsoft Surface is a great tablet / laptop for students or users who mainly web browser, check email, and view documents. It can still stream video and play music, and moderate office use, but will struggle with any kind of media creation like video editing. When paired with a stylus (not included), this becomes an awesome note taking device.
The intel i5 processor allows for good calculations, the 8 GB of RAM allows users to multitask keeping multiple windows open, and the 256 GB storage space offer limited but fast array of storage to save files and a quick boot up time. 
This is a tablet form factor, so it does include a touchscreen with a removable keyboard (backlit). Also included is a webcam and microphone for web conferencing.

Since this is a tablet, there are no eligible ugprades for this device.

The operating system is Windows 10 Home which is still receiving updates from Microsoft. All major software will most likely be compatible with this OS for quite some time.