Musetex Custom PC


i3-10100 3.6g/16g/250g ssd/1050ti

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The Musetex is a great desktop for entry level gamers. It is well suited moderate gaming at respectable game settings. It can also double as a flashy office machine.

The intel i3 processor is clocked higher than previous generations, and the 16 GB of RAM allows users to multitask keeping multiple windows open, and the 256 GB storage space offer limited but fast array of storage to save files and a quick boot up time. Let's not forget that this machine also comes with a 1050Ti graphics card. It may not be the latest and greatest, but due to the great graphics card shortage, it defintely gets the job done.

This desktop form factor is eligible for many upgrades throughout it's lifecycle, allowing you to keep working without having to buy another system all over again when you need more performance.

The operating system is Windows 10 Home which is still receiving updates from Microsoft. All major software will most likely be compatible with this OS for quite some time.